Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey remember when I lost my mojo to the flu and it never quite came back and I kind of wondered if something was festering? Well please give a warm welcome to my brand new Sinus Infection.

Good Lord what have I done to deserve this? I have been getting sick, being sick, or festering for a month. A month!!!!! Geez Louise. When will it end?

As for the crib, I found a rental business except they haven't responded to my email so we'll see. For the overnight, we'll get by with our recalled pack-n-play which is safe enough for a toddler even though the bar collapses. I wouldn't use it for an infant, but it's okay for a toddler if the collapsed side is against the wall.

For the week long trip we'll disassemble a crib and take it with us if we have to. We have to have something to corral her because we don't take naps and her bedtime is way earlier than we want to go to bed. Plus, I have a feeling the novelty of it all will rev her up.

I was made to sleep in really crappy places as a kid. On a linoleum floor, love seats that were too short, and a 3/4 bed (which I don't even get why they make those things, for 3/4 people?). I hated it as a child so I try not to do the same thing to my kid. Not to mention, the better she sleeps, the happier I am.

Which, by the way, hello 5am wake-up call after being up all night with sinus pain. Good thing Daddy's home to help out otherwise I would be a major momma bear today.

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Wolfsbane and Absinthe said...

I hope you get well pronto! Sorry the rest is hard to come by--that would certainly help. Despite all that, I hope you have a wonderful safe--and completely healthy--trip. :-)