Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rock, Meet Hard Place. Mother in the Middle.

Dear Babeola:

You are a giantess who is rapidly outgrowing the largest size diaper known to man (and perhaps some other alien species out there who also use diapers.com). The only thing more worrisome is the complete and utter lack of interest in potty training.

You are a girl. You are almost 2 and look like you're going on 4. My child, you're supposed to do this potty stuff earlier that everyone else. As in before you need Depends.

I realize you haven't read the books that explain all this so tonight I will leave them in your crib. Please read them when you wake up and act on the information contained within.



T Rex Mom said...

Love you letter to your "little" lady. Don't worry, they are all potty trained by they time they go to school! It will happen - sometimes sooner and sometimes later.

Jenners said...

This is so funny and classic!!! (Though I'm sure you're not laughin too hard.) Perhaps you need to look into those GoodNights -- they are made for bigger kids! : )