Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am fairly certain I am not alone in my outrage over the peanut butter salmonella situation.  In case you haven't followed the story, the management ordered the distribution of tainted product because it would cost too much to trash it and start over. In essence, they murdered several dozen people over profit concerns.


But I have seen this kind of management before. Many times.

Were you aware that 1 in 25 people are sociopaths? That, quite often, management is filled with so-called 'functional' sociopaths. Functional in the sense that instead of becoming serial killers, they settle for being your crappy powermongering boss or simply the sleaze that makes sure you do all the work?

When I break out this theory at parties. People shift their weight, look into their drinks, and there is an awkward silence. Sadly, silence is precisely what allows sociopaths to flourish. If you think I'm crazy too, spend some time reading the linked articles. 

I've not only worked for sociopaths (sadly it is plural), I've hired them (and then fired them). Sociopaths are diabolical and without remorse or morals. And there are way too many of them jockeying for power in Corporate America.

So, watching the peanut butter murders unfold, it occurs to me that instead of regulating industry, perhaps we would do better to start by weeding out the sociopaths. Simple psychological testing would go a long way toward preventing food production from becoming a mass murder weapon.

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Jenners said...

Seriously, they should be arrested. It is the same as committing the murder themselves. This makes me incredibly angry.

And I've worked for some real dicks .... people that I really questioned their ethics. I never thought of them as sociopaths before ... but now I'm rethinking it. One job I left without having another job because I just couldn't take the insanity of him anymore. It was hell.