Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm not dead. I know it looks like I am because goodness knows I never blog, but this Real Life stuff keeps happening.

Busy, busy, busy. I still haven't found any work-life balance. But I did win $50 in a writing contest. Which is like 1 case of diapers so that's nothing to sneeze at.

The babeola is inching closer to talking while scaring the bejeesus out of me with horrific tantrums. Where are the auditions for Extreme Tantrum? Because my babeloa is a star in the making. She actually has a bruise on her forehead from purposely smacking her head on hard surfaces. We daily live in danger of having our noses broken by an errant head butt. The other day I thought she was leaning in to cuddle only to yelp in pain when she smashed her head into my knee.

If I say no to her or express displeasure with something she does, she immediately looks for a place to smack her head. This self-harming behavior is distressing to say the least. I've tried ignoring it, but then read that's not a good idea so now I run around trying to keep her from hurting herself and failing miserably.

The tantrums last a long time too. Hours on some days. You've heard of interval training in exercise? The babeola interval tantrums, maintaining a steady state mild tantrum that spikes to extremes. This is either proof of me being a bad parent--which really, what kind of crappy mom am I that I can't figure this tantrum stuff out?-- or a testament to the babeola's strength of will. Or both.

Regardless, I am tired of feeling like a crappy mom and the incessant checking to be sure the babeola's pupils are the same size to rule out head trauma.

Thoughts? Advice?


Mount Belly Mama said...

Helmet? And I am actually being serious. If anything, it might be enough to distract her from doing it anymore and break her of the habit.

I totally feel for you!

Amy said...

I would probably mention it to her doctor and see what he/she thinks.

T Rex Mom said...

Gosh, that must be tough. My 18 month old is starting to throw some very impressive tantrums. I have found some of the tips in the book "Happiest Toddler on the Block" to be very helpful. It's not 100% but I do feel more empowered and the number of tantrums has decreased significantly.

Jenners said...

I wish I could help you out. My son has always been pretty easy going and we never had a big problem with tantrums or headbanging. (Not to say he doesn't have a will of steel and a stubborn streak but not a lot of tantrums). I hope someone has some good advice for you as I've got nothing.

Congrats on winning the writing contest!!!!!! That is awesome!

Wolfsbane and Absinthe said...

I think she has alot of things to say and just can't yet. THAT would be very frustrating. I'd have a fit, if it were me.