Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today, I calmly looked at the babeola, who was turning red with rage while shrieking like Satan after someone slipped some ice down his pants, and said "If you were older, I would suspect 'roid rage."

But clearly she is too young to be shooting up steroids at the gym. Nor has she turned green, so I guess I can rule out Hulk genes in the IVF petri dish.

I don't know if this is part of the vacation wind down or a new developmental phase, but Good Lord people, I see why some mommies drink too much and do meth.

This morning, she was screaming and thrashing and frustrated beyond all reason myself, I screamed back. We had an entire conversation in Primal Scream. You shoulda been there.

Yesterday, my friend and I (who have kids about 5 months apart) both told our children 'I have no sympathy for you,' thereby making us the meanest moms on the planet. 

In other news, my nephew is here visiting and the babeola just adores him. Probably because he doesn't scream at her. She knows his name and talks about him constantly. Except the only thing understandable is his name, I have no idea what else she is saying.

But I sometimes imagine it is something like "Can I go live with Nephew? I'm small enough to fit in his suitcase."


Brian Kaller said...

Good to have you back posting.

My favourite meltdown was when my girl, then a toddler, screamed and thrashed until I placed her in her crib and walked out. When I walked back in she had torn off her clothes and blankets, torn off her diaper, ripped up the diaper in tiny pieces, and bits of absorbent chemical fluff were wafting about the room like snow.

Jenners said...

Isn't it something when it happens for the first time? I just busted out laughing, which made my son even madder. It was so over the top and so far from my sweet sweet boy that I just couldn't do anything but laugh.