Friday, July 17, 2009


But first and FYI, my laptop is fried and needs repairs. I'm arguing with the extended warranty people and I. Will. Win. Because I am the bigger bitch.  Meaning, at some point, the laptop will go * poof * in the mail and I may disappear somewhat abruptly from the internet.

Never fear. I will be back.

On to today's dilemma...

I have a weird super mommy power. I know when the babeola is going to have a night terror/wake up screaming/be up all night practicing phonics. (I kid you not, she's going to be asking to read War and Peace sometime next week at this rate. Did I mention she types on the laptop and knows many of the letters? On her own? My mind boggles.)

So. Given that I can tell it's coming, should I wake her up and try to head it off? Or continue to respond after the fact, which usually means I'm up all night with her.

What do you think?


Kaplooey Mom said...

My two cents: it depends.

If she's in the same room, it's a tough call. Sometimes, a hand on a back will gently put them back to sleep.

If she's in her own room, here's what I suggest. Turn off the baby monitor, but leave the both bedroom doors open. Sometimes, they'll wake, then put themselves back to sleep without issue. If it's a real enough issue, you'll still hear the screams. As soon as she's old enough to understand, have some confort items she can use to put herself back to sleep without mom. I'm not saying this is an instant miracle, but it has worked with my youngest, although it took several years before the up in the night stuff wore off.

And hey, good luck with the laptop.

Jenners said...

Use your mommy superpowers and head it off at the pass.

And hope the laptop gets fixed ... may the Biggest Bitch win! ; )