Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Word List So Far

So here's the list of words the babeola is reading so far (all started this week)-I'm trying to keep track for her baby book:


And a valiant attempt at reading the word three but she doesn't really know her blends yet. I'm trying to figure out what to do on that front. Do I teach them to her or just let it go for now? But since she's trying for those words, I guess I should give her the tools???

I don't feel like I know the balance yet between meeting her where she's at vs. pushing. I don't want to push! It has to be organic from her or else I think it hurts her more than it helps. If that makes sense.

Things continue to be a medical mess of weirdness and no diagnoses and no treatment. Tests and more tests and lots of 'I don't knows' along with 'You should go to the ER.' I've been hearing both waaaaay too much.

But the babeola was beautifully behaved at the doctor's office today. As a treat, I took her to the mall where she rode the train, some rides, and romped in the playground. We capped the outing off with a handful of M&Ms from the candy vending bank.

Hopefully her childhood memories will be of trains and chocolate and not a sick mommy.

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