Friday, November 21, 2008


Thanks to Jenners of Life With A Little One And More for the award. Sorry I can't do it justice and give a proper speech, let alone perpetuate the award, but we are about to leave for the airport. The babeola is cranky seeming to sense that we are about to royally screw up her circadian rhythm with a time change, the luggage is too heavy, and my husband is in the midst of his usual packing freakout; trying to control every little detail while I just clench my jaw and try to survive it all.

I'm tired and sweaty and stressed. Hopefully this will pass and we will have a delightful week in the desert southwest. However, I'm anxious as the response to baby proofing suggestions has been 'we'll just keep an eye on babeola' which I think translates to momma is going to be chasing the babeola every second and saying 'no,no,no,no,no.'  Although, I'm tempted to go with the alternate translation, which is, 'look at how your precious knick knacks, that you would not put up, don't bounce on the floor, but rather shatter into a thousand pieces. The babeola has some throwing arm, doesn't she?'

Gotta go, the babeola is melting with crank. See you on the other side of the turkey coma.

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