Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am so pleased to see that other mommas are finding this little blog. When I get a moment to breathe, I'll be sure to visit you and do the 'follow' thing. (I think I am next allowed a deep breath sometime after Thanksgiving, just so you know.)

Today I am undergoing the pain of caffeine withdrawal. I think I hate myself because every few weeks, I give up the Coke Zero only to fail miserably the first time I get shorted on sleep because the babeola has a night terror. I just sent an email to my husband dealer demanding a 12 pack. I'm such a junkie.

But my head hurts. One of those headaches where you think any second now a vicious alien is going to claw its way out of your brain and eat your children. Four Advil and two cups of supposedly caffeinated tea have not touched the throbbing. So I have caved once again.

I just need to get through the next two weeks. Then I'll quit, I swear.

Really. I will.

Oh, shush, you naysayers. I can too quit. I've done it dozens of times now. I'm quite the expert.

Anyway, no motherly advice today except this piece of dubious wisdom: Motherhood is not the time to give up bad habits (such as caffeine), it is the time to cultivate them so that when you have nothing left to keep you going,they can prop you up. Isn't that what caffeine is for?

P.S. If you get a minute and have a dollar to spare, think about donating some baby food or formula to a local food bank. Typically, baby food and formula are not common donations, and, with more and more people losing their jobs in a faltering economy, there are more and more families that need help. Or simply send in a monetary donation to your local food bank. I fear this holiday season, the biggest wish on many people's gift lists will simply be a full pantry.


Jenners said...

I thought Coke Zero didn't have caffeine? I've been laboring under a very false impression...I guess it is the calories that the Zero refers to -- not caffeine. Sometimes I am such an idiot...but I think I lost a good percentage of my brain when I had my child and stopped getting enough sleep.

Jenners said...

Hello Again--

I don't know about you but this blogging thing can be confusing. Anyway, someone "tagged" me in this thing called a meme (I think). Anyway, I "tagged" you at the post below. Feel free to ignore if you want but it was kind of fun.