Monday, November 17, 2008


Because of my weekend in Mathland, I am behind on the things I meant to tell you all.

1. The babeola has discovered that there is this really cool squishy stuff in her diaper. She can squish it in her fingers, eat it, and read her books while it's all over her hands. And when mommy sees what she's doing, mommy screams and freaks, which is sooooo funny.

2.She also thinks it's funny when mommy flosses. Dental floss cracks her up.

3.I missed the babeola's NICU* reunion on Sunday. I am bummed about it, but I was stuck in Mathland stabbing my calculator with my index finger thinking 'die numbers, die.' So my husband took the babeola where she promptly ran, face first, into the edge of the registration table. She has red marks from the encounter, but she wasn't feeling any pain because there was just too much to do. Walk. Pet the dog. Shriek at the Blues Clues dog and Elmo. A fun time was had by all...except me and the aforementioned calculator.

*Babeola and I had a long labor and had fevers so Babeola ended up in NICU for a few days. Nothing serious.

4.The babeola has learned to give me the finger. No, not that finger (although I have some pictures of her nursing and flipping me off), her index finger. She has learned from momma how to admonish with a wag of a finger. So now when momma says 'no, no, no we don't throw food on the floor' she smiles and wags her finger at me, which makes me laugh and not care that ants are slowly taking over my kitchen, getting fat on the floor buffet.

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