Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well, we are sick here in the Weak household. The babeola went down first followed by me. I'm fighting it with Zicam, which, interesting side note, if you google 'does Zicam work' some of the search results share how Zicam paid out damages to consumers who lost their sense of smell.  So every time I Zicam my nose, I wonder if it's the last thing I'll ever smell.

Aside from extracting boogies from an unwilling toddler and killing my sense of smell, I am fighting through the virus induced fatigue to make pie and glob chocolate on pretzels. Later I will make cookies and cinnamon rolls and beans. Yes, beans. I realize that probably looks discordant, but we aren't just eating cookies. There will be beans too. And fish. And green bean casserole. And dried mushrooms with sauerkraut soup.

Yeah, we have kind of a strange Christmas dinner going. Even more interesting, we really don't know how to make the beans or soup. Every year they end up tasting like shit and yet we persevere. Tradition over taste and all that.

As for the heart, went to the doc, everything is fine. Completely benign, even if it does feel like Frankenstein lurching around in there. Don't know why I'm so princess-and-the-pea about it, but at least discontinuing the one medication has made it so that I wonder if I'm dead because, 90%  of the time now, I can't feel my heart beating at all.

If you are bored and have nothing to do this holiday, check out The Lost Art of 'Beachobatics' . It's a never before seen photo montage of crazy Aussies on the beach pre WWII. If you are in a cold climate, the pics will make you feel warm as the hot summer sun shines in these photos. Happy Holidays everyone.

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Jenners said...

Sorry to hear you are all sick! That stinks! We are all fighting something but the Little One persevered through the day and managed to play with every single toy that Santa brought him ... what a trooper! HAHA!

I hate to say this but your Christmas dinner sounds awful. It does seem like a very strange combination but if it makes you happy....

Glad to hear your heart thing is going to be you have to worry about your smelling!

Glad to be getting to know you a little bit via blogging! Merry Christmas!