Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's been a pleasant holiday season overall. My husband and I have taken advantage of visiting relatives to go to movies almost every night since Christmas. We tuck the babeola in bed and off we go. Granted, it's not like the dates we used to have. So far I've worn the same (unwashed, but outwardly clean) outfit twice. There is no make-up. The fact I showered and have clean underwear on is the equivalent of stuffing my boobs into a Victoria's Secret push-up bra. The same goes for the husband, except he never wore bras. Oh, how far our standards have fallen, but with the babeola we are lucky to get out of the house in time to see a movie before midnight. This is parenthood, people.

Also, I am still going through steroid withdrawal and am very sluggish. I am not one to wear workout pants to any place but the gym, however lately I have been really dressing down. I finally got smart and looked at the medication level I was at vs. what I take now. Hmmm. Well look at that. 20%  of the usual dose, which is kind of drastic and so I upped it to 40%. I'm sure this is boring to you, but I have lazy adrenal glands and these little details are important if I want to, oh say, make adrenaline or, you know, not fall asleep at the wheel.  So, I'm better at the higher dose, but still dragging a bit. It's going to take a while.

Anyways, we have seen the following movies:

--The Day the Earth Stood Still which is based on a short story by Harry Bates. We both really enjoyed the movie and found it very interesting. How much of the earth has to die before we make a change? How much do we have to lose before we try to save what is left?

--Valkyrie with Tom Cruise. Also an interesting movie that sparked a bit of conversation. Would you try to kill Hitler or stand to the side? It's a hard question, since group dynamics are always problematic. Indeed, it is part of the reason the assasination attempt portrayed in the movie failed. Also, it appeared the conspirators were aware of the inevitability that the Allies would be victorious, so the attempt to off Hitler was not so much altruistic as it was a power grab. Power grabs are always troublesome. What with the arguing, back stabbing, and posturing, it's amazing that they even actually got a bomb made, let alone detonated it next to Hitler.

My husband would join the conspiracy, no questions asked. One relative would join up to fight for their country to broker peace and avoid an Allie takeover. Myself, I would be more cautious, particularly if the Allied victory loomed on the horizon. Treason and politics are always fatal. I would want my family to survive and would confine my resistance to lesser acts.

--Last night we saw Marley & Me. Oh boy. Bring the Kleenex for this one, especially if you have loved a pet. The movie's impact has more to do with the viewer's own experiences with dogs than the plot or dialogue. We certainly came home and hugged our puppies. The real heart kicker was the fact that the babeola will never know life without our dogs and when they go, it will be a huge loss for her.

Aside from sad movies, I have learned of some sad news for our local area. The mall is closing. Businesses are clearing their inventory and doors will shut sometime in January. As you can imagine, this is a big hit to the local economy.  The rumors say the hospital will take over parts of the building. Rumors also tell of restaurants shut down mid-shift and patrons and staff alike escorted out. And I fear this is only the beginning.

Well, this has been kind of a downer post, no? Maybe if I slurp more caffeine I'll perk up.


Jenners said...

I was able to the go the movies today -- courtesy of my loving husband. I saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons" and cried through the whole last half hour. I just loved it and thought it was so sad. The end just killed me. It kind of reminded me of Forrest Gump a little bit for reasons I can't quite explain but I quite liked it. I love sad movies that make me cry. And I love Brad Pitt and he was in his beautiful glory in the middle of the film. The makeup was pretty cool too. And Cate Blanchett was great as always.

That is sad about your mall closing down. I'm not a big fan of malls but that is not a good sign. Not sure of the size of your town but that dosent' seem like a good economic indicator. Sad.

Hot Belly Mama - easing into it said...

So happy that you got some low-standard date nights in. ;)

That doesn't surprise me about the mall and the hospital. I read an article a few weeks ago that the medical industry never suffers when the economy is plunging.

risa said...

Add up all the malls this has happened to and it makes us go and read Sharon and the Automatic Earth even more closely. Everybody, go hug somebody quick ...