Friday, December 19, 2008

My Achy Breaky Heart

So super busy over here. I've been reading everything I can get my hands on the PA (phys. asst.) career and schooling. I have quite a few pre-requisites to get through and fund (trying to avoid financial aid). The pressure is on.

I have to take something like 5-6 Chemistry courses and pretty much ace them, which is a frightening prospect. Especially since I've decided to skip a math review in the interests of time. I've been assured, and my hazy memories of H.S. Chem agree, that Chem math is pretty rigid and cut and dried. So long as I learn the formula, I should be okay.

And double gah, I have to take the GRE so must commence studying for that.

On the 'green' front, I've ordered some DVDs of movies recommended for the awareness phase of the Transition Town movement. I just need to find some venues (i.e. libraries) and schedule some showings. Oh, and recruit some partners in crime. People in my state are reaching out to me, which is awesome, but I fear I'm slow on my response. Just so much on the plate right now. Not the least of which is procrastinating cleaning the house.

The babeola is adorable. The hubby unwittingly taught her the 'fake out' so she is always acting like she's going to hand over the sharp object that she stole completely safe and age appropriate toy and then snatching it back at the last minute. Then she giggles and an adorable shit-eater grin spreads across her face. I want to eat her up. (Why is it that deep affection inspires cannibalistic language in our culture?)

Today I gave her some playdoh and she clutched it tight in her fist as she ran back and forth screeching in delight. I then made her a neon orange playdoh yarmaluke which she thought was fantastic and she about died with laughter when I made myself a bracelet. Ah, to be so easily entertained. If only this PA thing were so simple as well.

As for the title of this post, I have had a heart arrhythmia for a while. It showed up on the EKG and everything. The thought was it was benign and I should try sleeping (this was back when the babeola never slept) and reducing my caffeine intake (both the sleep and caffeine reduction were easier said than done). Actually, the problem is potentially more serious and likely due to a side effect in my asthma medication. I discovered this by finally researching an off-hand remark my pulmonologist made about the situation and discontinuing the offending medication to see if it made a difference.

It is amazing how much easier it is to sleep at night without one's heart hurking and jerking to and fro like a dog straining against the leash to stick their nose in the butt of a random stray (okay, that was a weird visual, but, if you've ever walked a dog, you know exactly what I am talking about). However, now all my meds must be retooled and it remains to be seen if my asthma will remain under control without the heart affecting medication.

Ooops. Someone is getting into trouble and must be rescued. I'll give you three guesses who it is!

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Jenners said...

hats off to you for choosing to do the school thing while being a mom...I know I couldn't do it.

so cute that she learned the fake out. It is so fun when they learn stuff like that and get a kick out of "fooling" mom and dad.

hope everything works out with the heart stuff. That doesn't sound like fun.