Saturday, December 27, 2008


Merry post-holiday. I am tired. I am undergoing some withdrawal as I am not taking the same dose medication as before. So I am tired and water retention puffy and rashy and ugghy (that last is not really a word).  It does not help that the babeola has an ear infection and was up most of the night Christmas Eve.

But the babeola has antibiotics now, so all is good. And yes, I know that technically ear infections don't require antibiotics, but our insurance is switching (again!) and we will have a gap between doctors. A gap that I don't want to fall into with a screaming-in-pain toddler. So neon pink goop, here we come!

The holiday was festive and cheerful and way too bright with way too much sugar. The babeola is still oblivious to the Christmas gimmes, but Santa loves her best and left her piles of goodies. We have not one, but two riding toys. A million and one building blocks. Books and more books and even more books. Adorable outfits that put Suri Cruise to shame.

The best moment was on Christmas Day when the babeola said 'Where Dada go?'  Despite knowing lots of phrases and words, she doesn't speak a lot so it was neat to hear such a complex sentence from her. Plus, it was clear enough that even Grandma understood what she said. So a happy parenting moment all around.

FYI, Dada was in the basement doing laundry.

Anyway,one of my gifts was a haircut and I chopped it all off. Not a good idea when one's face is at peak water retention and rashy-ness.  I look like a plump, juicy ugly fruit.

And *ugh* I am too tired to blog any more. I am going to bed. Here are pictures of the babeola. I call the first one 'when baby proofing goes wrong.'


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Jenners said...

Cute photos! And darn Santa for not bringing the nanny! I had asked for a machine that makes time stop and gives me unlimited free time to do what I want but still go to bed early and I didn't get that either. Stupid Santa.

It stinks to be sick at holiday time so I hope you guys are feeling better.