Friday, January 2, 2009


We're redecorating the living room. It was a snap decision, one made after I found these pillows at Crate & Barrel (60% off):
Previously our living room was decorated around these curtains:
(Note: This is the '06 Xmas tree.) 
 These curtains were from Pier 1 Imports and were a patchwork of old indian saris. I loved them, but they faded with age and one panel developed a mysterious rip.  Pier 1 had discontinued the sari patchwork curtains, so we replaced them with curtains from Target, which I hate. 
But it wasn't until I found the pillow that I knew how to fix the shoddy, soul-sucking design disaster my living room had become.
We're moving from plum/beige to a matte blue-gray, similar to the pillow background.  I also decided to change the curtains again and ordered these from JcPenney (on sale--less than $90 for three windows!):
 The nice thing is we'll keep the chocolate brown as our counterbalance color, so paint, 2 pillows, and some curtains are all we need to change the entire look of our living room. Everything else stays the same; the lamps, the baseboards, window frames, and decorative items.
I am pleased.


blessedmomto7 said...

LOVE both sets of your curtains-anything CHOCOLATE is good EVEN IN DECORATING :)

Julie said...

Do you still have your Pier 1 curtains? I have been looking for several years for these and I would love to buy them from you. Please let me know. My email is

Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

Devi Bhuyan said...

Hi! I just bought one of those sari curtains from a thrift store. Do you still have the one that has not ripped. Would you be willing to sell it to me? Thought I'd try!

Tiffany Rainey said...

I picked up a set of the Pier 1 sari curtains at a garage sale. They're in pretty bad shape, pieces of patchwork on both panels have tears and runners. It seems the quality of the fabric just isn't so great. Anyways, I was going to try repairing them but decided the imperfections add character, especially for a private room.

Tiffany Rainey said...

Did you ever find the curtains? I found a set for sale here:

Tiffany Rainey said...

Hi Devi, they aren't cheap, but I found a set for sale here:

SternEdwards said...

I have the Pier 1 Sari patchwork curtains, too, and noticed that the blue patches, in some parts, faded dramatically and some of the more delicate sections are disintegrating and tearing. Sadly, it's time to replace them. They are too delicate to repair. Was looking for something similar but I have not found anything quite as awesome as those Pier 1 curtains.
Oh well, time for a change.
I did find something on the UrbanOutfitters website I am considering. Not quite the same but they are unique...
Select the "red" option and the photos will change to that color. Kinda pricey at $79 a panel but they do pop.
I have the matching sari throw pillows and they have disintegrated, too. Fun while they lasted. I will have to check out Crate and Barrel and JC Penney's as I like the update to your room.