Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I watched Inner Beauty last night. That may not be the actual title of the show. Just in case, so we are clear, it's the show that tests 'hot' people on their inner beauty only they don't know that, they think they're in a real beauty contest. Meaning all sorts of public stupidity ensues. And it may or may not be called Inner Beauty.

Folks, I am a mommy. I have no brain. It dribbled out sometime after the six month of no sleep. So don't quote me!

The show was not that interesting. I favor reality media that allows me to learn something I didn't know. For example, I love it when judges on shows like So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol talk shop; about technique and high art. That is really interesting to me and I wish they would do more of that instead of the crappy singer/crazy dancer showcase. A bunch of narcissists running around proclaiming they are too hot to smell their own shit? Eh. Not so much. Pass.

Frankly, a few of them were not as hot as they thought they were. I get the feeling the production crew took malicious glee in finding bad camera angles for the cast because the one girl looked like she had cellulite on her face, which I don't think is possible...unless you have poor lighting and a mean camera crew. Which I think this show does have. They are probably overstaffed even.

Anyway, I have a point, I'm getting there, stay with me. The episode happened to showcase the contestants premeditating the use of their beauty to get things for free.  I have never done that. Would never do that. Don't even consider myself beautiful or hot (particularly since the mommy bus hit me), but...

Guys have given me stuff for free. On more than one occasion.

So what the hell does that mean?

(And I am usually so bewildered I fail to do anything to stop them or don't even connect the flirty smile they give me with the fact my receipt is missing a few items until much later. If I'm pretty, I'm pretty slow.)

Has this ever happened to you? Maybe we are obliviously hot?


Hot Belly Mama said...

lol - I can get free things if I am hot! I have got to work on this, I like bargains and free things.

Jenners said...

My husband and I who have extremely low standards for TV viewing (though I've axed about every show since I started blogging) watched the beginning of that show just to check it out. He was looking for hot women and I must say he didn't think there was one to be found. They all looked really weird and off a bit. I really can't believe these were supposed to be beautiful women ... they looked really hard and artificial.

And I don't think I've ever gotten anything for free for being hot ... because I'm not. It is just a burden I don't want. (Haha...that was a joke. I would totally want the burden of being hot ... but at age 41, I don't think it is in the cards for me!)

Midwest Mommy said...

I have never gotten anything free for my looks, lol!
And just to help you out, True Beauty.

麻辣鴨血Maggie said...