Sunday, January 11, 2009


 Hot Belly Mama gave me an award! And I get to pass on this award, so here are my picks the Lemonade Award...

Life with a Little One and More  because she so warmly welcomed me to the blogosphere and her enthusiasm for blogging is infectious.

Restoring Mayberry is a thoughtful writer on ecological issues, plus he takes gorgeous photos of Ireland.

Potmekin was an exchange student in Russia during the collapse of Communism (or just after) and writes about her experiences with a literary patois that I find addictive. FYI you need to read this one in chronological order, like a book, so go back to the first post.


We are snowbound today, buried under more than a foot of snow. More than a foot!  And I hear that next week, our highs will be something like 7, also known as 'freeze your nose off' temperatures. It's enough to make you think global warming is a Good Idea.

So I am busy entertaining the babeola with her birthing ball (aka yoga ball), an aerobic step, a laundry bin, and laundry. I am nothing if not creative.  I should do a post about that sometime. Gross motor exercises for infants and toddlers with every day household objects. Sounds like I'm going to teach babies how to pick their noses and to go fishing in their diapers.  Heh. I assure you, it's nothing like that!

Another easy and cheap activity? Throw your kid in a snow bank and see if they can work their way free. (Just kidding. We fished her out.)


Jenners said...

Oh Wow! Thank you! This means a lot coming from you because I think you are one of the coolest bloggers I know! I'll do something about it soon ... it takes me awhile sometimes. But I like that you made it very no pressure! I actually just did an award post for an award I got back in December so I'm slowly but surely working my way through.

And a foot of snow! Darn! My son would love that! He's been waiting and waiting and we've had nothing. Even Las Vegas got snow this year and we've had nada. It is fun how kids will play with just ordinary objects. The more I have a kid, the more I think you don't really need too many toys!

Keep your nose warm! Not a good thing when 7 is the high!

Jenners said...

Hello! Me again! I have tagged you for a really neat reading meme at my book blog. The link is here if you are interested. If you don't want to do it, that is fine too!

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