Wednesday, January 21, 2009


In order of appearance:

1. The eye. Is fine. Some red scrapes, a few burst blood vessels all handled with good cheer by the babeola. As for the Y? Not even a follow up phone call from the head office. I may be calling them.

2.Bank Account. Closed. I have completed the descent into parenthood poverty. I am now officially poor and we are living from paycheck to paycheck. Eh. At least the pantry is stocked.

3.Tutoring. Going well, even though I am still poor re:#2. Some of the more difficult students were 'fired'  as there are more students than tutoring funds so if kids don't show up or appreciate the tutoring, they give it to someone who will. Score.

4. School/Career Change. Dead in the water. No money and no time. I'm not sure what to do next. Perhaps set my sights on something to do for now? Medical coding? Billing? Unit secretary? And go from there? I don't know.

5. Scaring new parents. I don't mean to scare them, I'm just trying to pass on what I wished someone would've told me; That daycare germs are evil and they make you miss work when the baby is sick and then again when you are sick. That mastering 4-5 crock pot recipes now will keep you fed and will be all that you have time for. That you will be up longer, work harder, and do more than you ever have in your life the first year. That the first year is a dynamic blessing, it comes with joy and challenges and you just have to kind of get through it however you can.

6.Obama. I don't care what your politics are, yesterday was a historic moment for every American. I am so disappointed to see that there is still bitter partisanship everywhere I look and that so many people are working to undermine what is actually a moment of triumph. It is time to set aside partisanship (i.e. childish things) and be an American. It is time to get to work. We aren't Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians, we are American and each of us has the ability to make a difference. Local actions lead to national change. Our greatest hope is not Obama, it is us. I'm afraid of what will happen if we don't figure that out.

ETA: In case you missed it (as I failed to properly highlight it) my winter pic of the babeola made post of the day over at Worth a Thousand Words.  It was this pic by the way:


Hot Belly Mama said...

what a great post and I AGREE - it's time to set aside immature party status and work together. I sometimes think this "party" thing is the devil in disguise to keep us separated.

Midwest Mommy said...

I would have been so ticked about the eye!!

Contest Chris said...

Great Post! Again! And thanks for the shout out link.

"Our greatest hope is not Obama, it is us." That my friend, is brilliant!

Your blog will be the Must See at Worth a Thousand Words.

Jenners said...

Hi! Just back from vacation and getting caught up on your blog.

I would be FURIOUS at the Y. I can't even imagine that the Babeola made no noise whatsoever when it happened. Makes you wonder.

When I was on vacation, they showed the inauguration on this TV and in public areas and I was just so hooked. I felt really excited to be an American and felt such hope. I was NOT a big fan of W and was so glad to see him go and though I'm not real political, I'm really like Barack Obama the more I learn about him and see him.

I'm thinking hard about when my kid was 1. That was a tough tough time. The reason he had so many toys is mostly due to the fact that I got bored so easily and needed something to keep me sane. Playdates are definitely the best ... and great way to "try out" toys to see what might be of interest. It is kind of an awkward time, like you mentioned. And it cracked me up that she makes editorial judgments on your reading. Too funny. My son did the same thing. Have you seen "Pat The Bunny"? My son really responded to that book about that age ... lots of little things to do -- pat the bunny, feel the scratchy whiskers, look in the mirror, put your finger in the hole. A bit dated but it is a classic for a reason.

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Just hang in there. It will get better with time. Hugs, sandy