Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hi. Remember me? Yeah, I used to blog here.

See, some relatives came by and stayed and stayed and stayed. I had to be polite and pretend I had no idea what that laptop so conveniently set next to the couch was for. With the slinking innocence of a dog who just ate a shoe, I swore I had NO idea how to open it, let alone type anything.

Now they are gone. So I can be me again and Get It ON with the 'puter hot and heavy like I used to.

Except I have nothing new to report. Because I have no life. Or too much life. Or too much laundry.


Can you tell I'm in a bit of an irreverent mood today? Sleep deprivation will do that.The neighbor comes home every night at midnight, as reliable as a sunrise. The snick of the door shutting, the beep-beep of the car alarm, and the motion sensor light set to 'stun' and aimed directly into my room like an interrogation lamp are worse than a breastfeeding newborn during a growth spurt. Ugh. Thank you neighbor, but the insomnia does not need any help. I was not sleeping just fine on my own.

Houseguests stress me out.

Anyway...The babeola is growing up big and strong. Talking is going to be the next big thing around here. I know I will regret saying this as several people have warned me about toddler motor mouths, but I can't wait to hear what's in her head.

The husband and I went on a date and did the game version of environmental activism. We also went to a movie so horrible, we're trying to pretend it never happened.

Mothering is going well at the moment. I have managed to match activities with the babeola's abilities rather well lately. I made a 'tactile box' filled with uncooked rice, rocks, beads, feathers, and some spoons. We (husband and I) sit on the front porch and chat while the babeola practices scooping and runs the rice through her fingers.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to go stuff my face with comfort food and try to relax.

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Jenners said...

Oh Lord --- houseguests that stay and stay and stay. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare -- unless you got lots of babysitting in exchange. I must know what the horrible horrible movie is! Please tell -- just to warn me off of it. I rarely get to see movies so I need to pick carefully. Of course, we might have very different tastes as I recently saw "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" (under protest, I might add) but found it quite amusing.

And I'm not surprised you were nominated to be the leader of your mother's group -- you just seem to radiate leadership qualities in your blog!