Monday, March 30, 2009


So the dishwasher seems to be working. For the moment. Maybe whatever the repairman did was enough. Or perhaps it was my threat of sledgehammer in its nether regions.

Which I would totally do.

Because I have inanimate object rage.

It's a personal failing that does not yet have therapy.

True story: The husband and I once saved a desktop that had royally ticked us off--what with the failure to work and costing over $1000 to purchase nevermind the $500 in repairs that didn't work--in order to dangle it from a tree limb and beat it like a pinata. We never did it, but were serious enough about the plan to hang onto the burned out hard drive for almost a year before we realized we were too lazy to take our revenge. 

We are losers.

To illustrate that point beautifully...

The newspaper interview came out and UGH! They edited it down to like one sentence per question and used the worst picture, completely ignoring the nice one of me and the babeola. I failed to get my eco-blog mentioned so there is no chance of the interview spurring ongoing interest. I totally blew it.

If you were worried I was about to become too famous to know you, worry no more.

I need a PR class. A free one because I have to save all my money for the stupid dishwasher ere it break again.

In other news, I am a single mother this week. The husband who NEVER travels for work, is gone all week. I am just praying I still have all my fingers when he gets home because the babeola bites like a bulimic piranha jonesing for a good binge. Don't piss her off, you won't come out the other side with all your limbs intact.

Oh, and smooches to the beautiful Jenners for making me a featured blog. It's nice to be recognized and her kind words made my week.

And I read book 2 of my writing buddy's trilogy and squeeeee! I am a total fangrrl right now. She is rocking the urban fantasy genre.  The first book is available for pre-order on I believe the super fabulous Tanya Huff gave a blurb for the cover.  Here's the cover...


T Rex Mom said...

Our dishwasher works but it's a little too ecofriendly. It's one of those fancy e-star appliances. I know how it got its rating - it barely holds anything! So, usually I do the dishes rather than loaded it up. I don't know how much water I save by doing them manually but at least it saves the electricity!

Midwest Mommy said...

That would be an awesome vlog post, you beating the crap out of a hard drive...I'd watch it.

Motherhood for the Weak said...

Hmmm. Midwest Mommy: I'd have to find one first and figure out how to do video posts, which I have not done before.

That particular unit had a bad power unit and, despite surge protectors, it blew twice. The second time, we got a new computer.


Breeze said...

"the babeola bites like a bulimic piranha jonesing for a good binge" best sentence I've read in a long time! Too cute.

I love the visual of dangling the hard drive from a tree!


Motherhood for the Weak said...

Breeze: Thanks for noticing that sentence. I was proud of it. And it's pretty true to life.

The babeola's got a set of chompers on her.


Jenners said...

I was going to point out the same thing that Breeze did ... that was some good writing right there folks! And I'm glad my shout out made you happy -- you deserve it! I thinks you are the best. And that stinks that the newspaper article didn't turn out the way you wanted it! : (