Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I want to homeschool. I really do. Judging from people's reactions to homeschooling though, you would think I've signed up to join a suicide cult.

The biggest refrain I hear is 'what about socialization?'

You mean the paragon of socialization is the ability to sit at a desk all day, stand in a line, be quiet and not piss off the teacher or be bullied by your peers? Or did I miss something in school? I mean, yes, we learn about friendship in school, but you don't have to be in school to make friends.

I don't know. These kids I tutor, I see how the school system is failing them. And I now realize how the school system failed me-- a gifted kid with learning disabilities who took junior level college classes at 16 (I tested out of the lower levels), but who also limped through algebra with Ds due to dyscalculia. I don't want that extreme dichotomy for my daughter. If she is anything like me (inquisitive to the nth degree and bad at math) she will thrive with homeschooling.

If she doesn't like it, I'll send her to school, but I think I can teach her better. I'm sold on individual attention. You can't hide from learning when it's one-on-one, but in a group you can. The same way I read under my desk at the expense of learning how to subtract in the second grade.

I guess becoming a parent has really amped up my non-conformist streak. If you had asked me two years ago to consider homeschooling, I would have thought you were crazy and now look at me.


T Rex Mom said...

Motherhood changes so much.

I am sad that homeschooling is sometimes viewed "differently". We need more parents willing to do what their kids need - that's all you really are doing and no one should think you've joined a cult because of it.

Some kids do fine at public school - I did. But I have several cousins who were taught by homeschooling and they did fine. That's what great about parenthood - you can choose what you feel is best for your children.

Hot Belly Mama said...

Good for you! So far, every single homeschool kid I have ever met is better socialized than most. They are polite, kind and full of confidence.

I love how you put it though. I will remember that response next time someone asks about "socialization?" Really, what do the schools do themselves that we can't do ourselves?

Karyn said...

I have just started reading your blog and have been loving the laughs. Then I saw this title and thought, oh no. But I'm glad you're thinking things through. We love homeschooling and while it might not work for every family and every kid, I'm glad that some people are accepting!

Jenners said...

I've come across a ton of homeschooling moms in bloggy land. I'm sure you can find a lot of info ... it does seem to be a growing movement. If you think you can hack it, I say give a try. I don't think I could do the math and science bits justice though.