Thursday, April 30, 2009

ABOUT THE WRITING (and some whining about the sick)

As for what I'm writing...everything and anything. Medical stuff, business stuff, how to do stuff. I just completed a piece on the culture of a common food (can't say much due to a non-disclosure agreement) which had me delving into archeology, anthropology, history, and art. That one was a lot of work and I think I lost money with all the time I devoted to research.

I like the medical writing the best. I love anatomy and physiology and science. Plus, it appears I have that drug side effect narrator from the drug commercials in my head. The medical jargon just pours out of me effortlessly, like a native language.

I do both up front pay and ad revenue sharing gigs. The ad revenue is a slow build, but I am pleased to report 80% of my articles have earned money, which I think is fantastic given that I've only been writing for ad revenue for a week. I don't know how much I'll end up making overall, but I think I have potential to at least make $50 a month with ad revenue writing (although I'm aiming for and dream of being one of the writers who makes hundreds a month). Time will tell.

As for the sick... ugh. I think I need to go back to the doctor. Cue litany of swear words and mental picture of Yosemite Sam stomping on his hat and pounding his chest. I am annoyed beyond all words.

The babeola is talking up a storm. Yesterday she said duck, potty, what's that, and I would like some. Despite my slovenly ways, she exhibits a strong tendency toward order and cleanliness. She'll put toys away, throw out garbage, and try to organize the chaos we call a house. She's watching too much TV because I've been too sick to keep her busy. The weather is finally nice and I'm so bummed that we aren't able to take advantage of it because of this stupid sick.

And that's it. Cheers.

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