Monday, April 27, 2009


I am swamped with freelance writing. Even had a nightmare about typos. And no I never really planned to make $$$ freelance writing, it just kind of happened. On the good side, I am making money right off the bat, on the down side I am working my ass off without having done any pre-planning or conscious organization of this brand new career. Seat of the pants is apparently my middle name.

The babeola has hit the 18 month sleep regression. Or rather, it has hit me like a brick wall. Currently, I am doing my damndest to ignore the 6 am wake up call that came shrieking out of the babeola this morning. I tossed her a bottle and some books and prayed for more sleep. Not happening, so here I am on blogger still trying to gather my strength so I can wake up already and face the fact that I am going to have to function on less than five hours of sleep. Again.

Anyway, until I figure out a work-life balance with the freelance writing, expect me to be scarce. I'm in the thick of the learning curve and it's taking all my concentration. I'll try to do short updates as I can.

OH! And MAJOR QUESTION....Would you invest in a full size travel crib. We are going to be travelling and staying in people's homes--homes without children--and need a place for the babeola to sleep. If you think we should pass on the full size travel crib (remember she's TALL hence the full size) how do you propose we handle sleeping? Pinning her to the bed like a WWF wrestler until she surrenders???

Here is some babeola cute for you...


Jenners said...

Hats off to you on the freelance writing! I'm thrilled to hear you are finding work and success ... I imagine it is a bit intimidating. I've toyed with the idea but always get scared to do it. Maybe when the Little One is in school and I can really have time to devote I'll dip my foot in the water. Perhaps I can pick your brain at that point.

And as far as a travel crib, I would not invest in one. We always just sleep with our son when we travel -- whether me and him sharing a bed (blocking the "open side" with pillows" and Daddy in another bed or on a couch. An air bed might be a consideration too --but you might want to consider familiar blankets, pillows or stuffed toys. That is my two cents for what it is worth!

Midwest Mommy said...

She is just so cute! Congrats on the freelance writing. What do you write about?