Sunday, April 5, 2009


The babeola is sick. Poor bambina. She's always miserable at the start of a cold.

I haven't slept in 2 days and ended up in the ER last night. I am the grand prize winner of a urinary tract infection (UTI). I'm glad I went in, despite feeling very silly about it, as I didn't think I had an infection, but something else.  Except I didn't have the something else.

When I was 20 I had a 'super infection', a UTI that was resistant to antibiotics and migrated to my kidney where it so perfectly mimicked appendicitis, I had surgery. It was only after they saw my appendix was fine that they figured out it was my kidney. I spent about 3 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics (and promptly got mono, but that's another story).

And last night I started to have some kidney pain reminiscent of that infection. It was even the same kidney.

So it's probably a good thing I didn't wait until Monday, but I hate going to the ER*.  I've probably had 15-20 ER visits so far in my life, mostly for asthma, and I've had some bad experiences so I work really hard to avoid going in. And I've read all the med bloggers and know there is nothing they hate more than a 'look at my nether regions' patient. Especially when that patient is nowhere near as hot as Anne Hathaway or Paris Hilton. Hey, I'm not exactly thrilled either. Flashing my nether regions to strangers is not my idea of a good time. And news flash, a lot of the docs do not look like Hugh Jackman (whom I adore and have met and would totally strip for).

Anyway, I'm tired and reduced to whining on my blog about my bladder, which is not how I wanted to spend my weekend. I bet you didn't want to read about it either in which case I redirect you to the fact that I met the super hot stud Hugh Jackman. I even have his autograph somewhere. Here's a pic to help scrub your brain of any unfortunate residue related to this post.

*I suppose I should clarify for anyone who might fume about me wasting emergency resources that I was actually at Urgent Care...which was in the ER. Making it a defacto ER visit. I tried to avoid the ER I really did.


Hi, I am Breeze said...

I was going to post something but then um, Hugh Jackman, what was I talking about?

ps...hope baby is better soon.


Midwest Mommy said...

ER visits take forever! And a half. Glad you are going to be ok.

The Write Girl said...

Hey there,

I am so sorry to hear you and the little one aren't feeling well. I do hope you feel better. You did catch my attention with the Hugh Jackman pic : ) Looking forward to the xmen origins ah!!!

Jenners said...

I just forgot all about what you were saying once you mentioned Hugh Jackman. Details please! How did you meet him? Where? For how long?

But seriously, I hope you feel better. Based on your previous experiences, I would have gone to the ER too. Better safe than sorry!

T Rex Mom said...

Hope you and your little one are feeling better soon!