Friday, April 3, 2009


Daddy is back! A day early! AND they gave him a comp day today so we get a three day weekend! YAY! (Currently, both daddy and the babeola are napping so I decided to take advantage of the free time to post.)

I thought the babola would freak when he came home, but she was pretty mellow and didn't seem to notice she'd been abandoned. She was a bit standoffish at first, but quickly warmed up to her favorite playmate. I guess she saves the tears for when Mommy dares to leave the house without her. Whenever I come home it's full blown hysterics.

Or maybe she is hoping I won't come back?!?

The husband missed a few firsts this week as follows;

1.The babeola now turns in circles when she dances.

2.She 'dusts' just like momma does.

3.She said 'birdie' a few times, context appropriate.

4.She learned how to do 'ring around the rosy' with the neighbor girls.

5.She started signing 'I love you'.

6.She started drinking from a cup--just a little bit. I use kefir which is a yogurt drink that is thick and slow moving.

7.She took an epic dump that went from her dupa up to her hair line. I had to cut crusted poop out of her hair. Not exactly what I had planned on for a first haircut. Daddy is happy he missed that diaper.

Yesterday, she sat in my lap and banged away on her xylophone, pausing every once in a while to turn and give me a smooch.  I know it's not a first, but it was so freaking adorable I'm pretty sure I'm writing this post from heaven.

I did okay as a single mom. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be either. I didn't have much help. The neighbor girls came by three afternoons, which isn't really a break for me as they need my help so it's more of something to do. 

The worst part was the dogs really acted up. I don't know if they felt like they had to guard the house since the 'pack leader' wasn't home or what, but they were barking and being really obnoxious at night. They actually kept me up several nights and I had to finally separate them and shut them away at night since free roam of the house led to barking and growling and whining in the wee hours.  They were perfect last night, now that the pack leader is back.

It is good to have Daddy home!


Hi, I am Breeze said...

It's nice to know you CAN do and even nicer to know you don't HAVE to do it alone!

Babies get madder at mommies because their expectations are higher for us and they feel more comfortable expressing their emotions including anger to us because they know we are actually, really and truly here to stay!


T Rex Mom said...

Dad's make everything better. My little one waits for his dad every night by the door. I always know when my husband gets home because I hear little footsteps RUNNING to the door. Glad you're all together again. Has to be nice for you too.

Hot Belly Mama said...

What a sweet post! You had better establish yourself as co-alpha dog pretty quick!

Jenners said...

Awwwww! I love some of the Babeola's new habits! How cute! Takes me back in time a little bit! And congrats for surviving as a single mom! And I'm glad you have some much needed time to yourself!

Jenners said...
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