Thursday, March 12, 2009


Sorry folks, today is a hodge podge. I'm  just so busy and distracted by Real Life these days that I haven't had time to formulate anything about anything.

1. We went to our first Gymboree Art Class. Since they start each class with playdoh and playdoh is the babeola's 'precious' (picture Golem with The Ring) predictably there was a huge tantrum when it was time to say bye-bye to the playdoh. Then we did collage type stuff. Or rather, mommy did collage type stuff, the babeola alternately watched, tantrumed, and shredded paper. My only criticism of the class is there are a lot of transitions. We did something like 5 activities in 45 minutes. That's a lot of change and saying bye-bye to things we've just fallen in love with. The babeola wasn't the only one screaming.

2. I set the neighbor girls (our mother's helpers) up with watercolors and tried to get a painting session going. Unfortunately, the babeola spent most of the time trying to shove either end of her paintbrush up her nose.  At what point does art click for toddlers? The babeola isn't into crayons. Playdoh is for clutching and guarding with her very life. Paintbrushes are just long booger wands. Urgh.

3.Continuing with the art theme, today I had some success with one of those paint with water books. The book is about 30 years old. It's from my (deceased) grandmother's teaching stash which my aunt passed on to me. I think she retired from teaching in the early 80s. So the colors are a bit faded. Grandma would be happy to see us using it though. One, she hated waste and two, she loved doing stuff like that with her grandkids. Despite arthritis, she was always on the floor playing with me.

I miss my Grandma.

4. I'm currently trying to figure out how to blow big, big bubbles. I want to make ginormous bubbles on the front lawn with the babeola on the next decent day we get. I bought some Gymboree bubble solution and it was not as good as everyone says it is. I'm now looking at homemade recipes.

5.I think the babeola was the youngest one in the art class, yet, due to her height, she looks the oldest. I noticed some calculating looks along the lines of 'what is wrong with that kid.'  I had to resist the urge to randomly announce that she's only sixteen months. It's hard to be a giantess in training. Especially at this age when size is equated very strongly with age, behavior and ability.

6. As part of our effort to be Good Parents, we watched the Happiest Toddler on the Block DVD which espouses helping toddlers express their emotions. So that's what we do. "You were having fun with the playdoh and are sad it has to go bye-bye. You are sad. Mommy is sorry you are sad."  It's supposed to work miracles, but not for us.The babeola is not impressed. Clearly, she needs to watch the DVD.


Hot Belly Mama said...

I miss my grandma too...

Thank you for sharing.

septembermom said...

You survived the Gymboree class! That is an accomplishment. They can be a lot of chaotic fun with all the little ones going every which way. You'll need a good night's sleep after all those art activities :) Good luck with the big bubbles. Anything with bubbles always is a hit at my house! Glad I came by your blog today :)

Jenners said...

That does sound like a quite a few activities to do in a short amount of time! The teachers should just let them experience it for longer if all the kids are enjoying it!

And we got a kit for making HUGE bubbles a few years back. At Target. I can't remember the name -- it sounded like some kind of magician's name or something. If I think of it, I'll let you know.

And my son loves Paint With Water books too -- we can do a whole one in one sitting though.

And you know what else is fun and the Babeola might like -- those stamping paint things -- you just press down and it makes brightly colored dots. Most arts and crafts stores have them. A little more controlled than regular painting.